Nathan To, PhD

Nathan To, PhD

I dive into raw, human stories. Current projects are two-fold:

1. Innovating Digital Mental health and e-health as meaningful areas of social impact through mobile, social media, & virtual worlds worlds.

2. I translate complex social science theories (psychological, anthropological) & mental health practice into applied insights within organizational employee cultures and eco-systems.

The common thread uniting these two projects involves my passion to disrupt the status quo and socially innovate ways of bringing the "human" & importance of well-being back into workplace cultures, businesses, and daily life.

This is why I dive into context.

Feelings, needs, motivations, joys and pains of client or user stories paint a crucial research canvas.

Larger narratives of culture/society, entrepreneurial ecosystems and employee environments bring colour to personal stories in the research canvas.

I dive into what matters.

And everything matters. How each person perceives and experiences their daily commute, technology, advertising, shopping experiences, coffee purchases--they all matter.

Curiosity drives unexpected solutions & opportunities for social innovation.

Other projects:

Intergenerational Project

F M L Graphic Novel: Interventions for Young People & Self Harm

Specializations: cultural analysis, narrative research, ethnographies, psychology, trauma, computer-mediated communication, qualitative research methods, mental health