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Nathan Tune

East Texas

Nathan Tune Is a Christian,Actor,Singer/Songwriter,Voice Over Artist,Voice Actor,Minister,Impersonator and many more things to sum it up he's a multitalented Christian Entertainer. He has always loved acting and impersonating others, when he was younger he would always be imitating someone, impersonating someone, mimicking someones voice, making funny voices, funny faces and just being silly. Back then he knew his passion for acting, but it wasn't until he stepped into a small town community theatre that he truly knew acting is what he wanted to do. "I was quite young, but I still remember it to this very day as if it was just yesterday. Walking into that old theatre building, believe me it wasn't that fancy at all, the room smelled of mold, there was clothes, costumes and props scattered everywhere. To me it was a magical experience, my eyes then focused on the teenagers who were rehearsing the play "Grease" I was absolutely fascinated overwhelmed by the whole experience, after I went home that night I couldn't stop thinking about it. I knew then and there that acting was my passion."- Nathan Tune He continued to impersonate and imitate still to this day, but just recently in the year of 2011 late July, early August. He attended a two week acting course at KD College in Dallas Texas. Nathan says that now he has never been so sure in his whole life that acting is what he wants to do. But to say his passion is JUST acting, would be completely absurd. Yes his passion for acting is big, but it's not just that. He doesn't want to just act, Nathan Tune want's to do many other things as he's multitalented, he wishes to one day Direct, Write, and Produce his own films. As he is a published Author since he was thirteen. He also loves to play the Guitar, Mandolin, Piano and would like to learn some other instruments as well to add to his talent. The quote "No Pain, No Shame, Only Fame" comes from when Nathan was experiencing some difficult times in his life. He started to think about everything that was going on and decided he wasn't going to let his PAIN be his SHAME he is determined to make it his FAME. Therefore his quote. Nathan Tune has also started his own online radio station at called TUNE RADIO. He broadcasts his radio show every Tuesday at 8 am followed by his fictional preacher message. "The James Fickle Show"

  • Work
    • Works for Jesus Christ
  • Education
    • Homeschooled