National Pool Contractors Directory

Scott Greer created the National Pool Contractors Directory to provide homeowners a resource to locate qualified, high quality and reputable swimming pool builders in their city/state.

Scott has over 30 years in the pool industry. For 27 years, he has owned and operated a small pool company that designed, sold, built, repaired, remodeled and serviced all types of pools, spas, fountains and water features.

One valuable lesson he has learned over the years, is the importantance of hiring a reputable swimming pool contractor because a pool is more than just an addition to a home. It quickly becomes the backyard vacation getaway; a chance to leave behind the stress of life, relax, chill out and enjoy the outdoors. Building a swimming pool and hiring the perfect contractor shouldn't turn into a living nightmare.

The National Pool Contractors Directory makes it easy for people to search and find quality swimming pool dealers in their area. The directory is extremely easy to navigate. On the home page click on the link Find A Contractor Near You. The next page shows a list of the states available. Click on the state and find the city near you that has a pool company listed in the directory.

All the pool construction companies listed will work closely and listen to homeowners so they can design and build a swimming pool that will flow and blend with any home. The homeowners dream pool can become a reality all while working within a budget.

Visit the to find the top pool contractors near you.