Natalie Smith - Pierpont

Project Manager, Operations, and IT Manager in Plano, Texas

I'm the founder, editor and lead blogger for Arlington Kids, a site developed to keep Washington DC area families connected to news and events related to them. My work has been featured on, NPR, Parenting Magazine and has resulted in relationships with National Geographic and The Smithsonian Institute among others.

I'm also a community moderator at TEM, a community of nearly 600 entrepreneur, business-owner, and self-employed women in the DC Metro area.

Prior to Arlington Kids, I worked in Public and Media Relations in Washington DC and have been privileged to work on projects that effect public policy in the Environmental, Science, Technology, and Social space.

I've freelanced in Web Production, Corporate Identity, Social Media, Content Strategy and Training for the American Red Cross Retirees of the Washington DC Metro Area, Restorative Justice Foundation, Think Grow Play LLC.

In addition, I've had the opportunity to work as the right hand to several "C" level executives and have been able to use my eclectic skill set to support both the typical day to day tasks, as well as the unique.

Currently, I closely follow and talk about the evolution of social media, content creation and technology on a variety of social networks. I sometimes blog about tech, projects I'm working on, and family at

I'm an amateur foodie, a self proclaimed iPhone photographer (pre-instagram). I appreciate good music, a toasty cup of coffee, a glass of red wine, cake, random travel and Sunday mornings.

Reach out to me via one of my social channels below.