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Natural Alternatives for Keeping Home Spas and Hot Tubs Clean and Safe

There are many reasons people love to soak in a spa or hot tub. The heated water helps to relieve stress, ease pain and it is a wonderfully relaxing way to unwind after a busy day. Spas are also romantic and are a great activity during the perfect date night. The problem is, public spas are not always safe or clean. They may improperly maintained, something that could lead to an uncomfortable condition known as hot tub rash. Many are also full of caustic chemicals designed to kill the bacteria that causes these rashes. Unfortunately these chemicals can also lead to eye irritation, dry skin and may aggravate asthma symptoms.At-home spa treatments allow people to enjoy the pleasures of a hot tub, have privacy and know that their equipment is properly maintained and water clean. However, private hot tubs still need to be kept clean and sanitized and for this many homeowners have resorted to using those same harsh chemicals that public resorts and spas use. It does not have to be this way. There are now natural products that can keep the water clean while still keeping it safe.The first step is to clean the water entering the tub as much as possible before it gets there. This is done by installing a purifying system. These units are able to make the water entering the entire house cleaner and safer. It will reduce build up in pipes, eliminate water rings and hard water stains and make the water taste better too.When these systems are in place, you can then use all-natural products for cleaning and sterilizing. There will be no worries about bacteria or algae and the hot tub will stay safe for everyone to use. These products will eliminate that heavy chlorine smell many people find unappealing. The water will not irritate the eyes, dry out the hair and skin or bleach out swimsuits.Systems like this make it easy for everyone to turn their backyard hot tub into a relaxing and enjoyable spa, right in their own house. The natural systems will help prevent early burnout of equipment and reduce the wear and build up on all water lines and Natur