Naval Shastri

Music Composer, Music Director, and Singer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Fingers can speak many languages. All Instruments in above collage are my existences in music. Thankful to GOD for blessing me with Music, Mom & Dad.
Mechanical Engineer turned into Music Composer. Passion in Music made me learn to play so many instruments on my own.
I believe in 'Oneness’. One is the 'GOD' but we name it differently.
There is a teacher (Sat Guru) who teaches us and guides us through our life. Life is meaningful, if you fill it with spirituality.
Art was born to express emotions, state of mind etc. Thus it is pure and true.
It also depicts the culture from which it has evolved.
Change is Key of life.

  • Education
    • Music Director
    • Music Compoer
    • Singer
    • Actor
    • Creative Writer