Nav Dhunay

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Nav Dhunay is the President and CEO of Ambyint, a Calgary-based company focused on bringing technological innovation to the oil and gas industry. Nav has an extensive background building tech startups from the ground up and is known for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Nav Dhunay moved with his family to Canada from India when he was a young boy. Although his family at the time had no more than $25 to their name, they held a firm belief that anything is possible and that every goal can be achieved. This is a philosophy that still governs Nav and has helped mold him into the businessman he is today.

Nav graduated from the University of Calgary in the mid-1990s with a degree in Computer Science and Marketing. He went on to work at Getty Images, helping the image company profitize their digital catalog. Following his work with Getty, in 2008 Nav created the web-based home movie rental site, which was a predecessor to the popular video streaming sites of today.

Nav was then inspired to launch a second start-up called NavNet. NavNet developed pioneering controls and home automation technologies providing users the ability to control thermostats, lights and music remotely from mobile phones. Nav later sold NavNet’s patent technology and moved on to begin his latest business venture.

As CEO and President of Ambyint, Nav is committed in bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and big data analytics to the oil and gas sector to create new levels of intelligence for gas and oil producers.

Those who work closely with Nav at Ambyint are familiar with his phrase, “Real innovation can only occur when teams of smart, creative individuals arrive curious and leave inspired.” That’s one reason why Nav promotes a work environment of experimentation and collaboration and believes these are the key components to the sustainability and viability of any company.

In his spare time, Nav enjoys visiting the many arts and cultural events in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Nav is also a supporter of Big Brothers and Sisters of Canada, the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter and the Canadian Red Cross, and is a passionate collector of Superman collectibles and memorabilia.

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