Navy Lanier

Activist, Believer, and Capitalist in Atlanta, GA

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Navy Lanier, the Founder of Mobile Fuel, is, more than anything, an activist, believer, and capitalist. He was born in Savannah and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where he still lives today. Navy is a dedicated father, businessman, visionary, philanthropist, political leader, and author—who knows what tomorrow might bring.

After graduating high school, Navy Lanier joined the military to help earn money towards college tuition. Pursuing a degree in Finance, during his Junior year of college, he accepted a summer internship at a financial advisory firm and was soon offered a full-time position. Knowing an excellent opportunity when he sees one, Navy discontinued his education and began working for the firm. His time there imparted him with invaluable experience. He was able to create and cultivate a network of influential connections with individuals in Fortune 500 companies.