Nazeemoddeen Mohammad

Student, Software Engineer, and Web Developer in Hyderabad, India

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Hello, I’m Nazeemoddeen. I’m a student living in Hyderabad, India. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, Business development, technology, and software engineering. I’m also interested in education and writing. You can hire me with a click of the button above i.e, Resume.

Here are some pins about me

Maneuvering for IIM || Want to take a Master of Business degree from Indian Top10 || Amateur & Voracious in writing || Avid Reader || Technocrat || Philomath || Seconds grabber ||

Merely, I am open minded to learn anything, love managing teams and work as a professional and intrigued by money. Its been 2 years, I have been showing interest in self-learning i.e, online learning. And hoping for lifetime learning.

By the way, I like printed notes ( by rbi) and relationships. I want to see me as the philanthropist when I will be at the last second of death.

In the public, You never gag me out of speaking. Being a Nocturnal, I complete every task of me at the end of the day. Beware of my Mercurial character.

I could have hollow legs(Phrase for eating a lot). In particular, I prefer the aroma of chicken biryani upon everything in the world.

At my free times, Perse When I am in ideal mode (Without having any thoughts), I will be wreaking havoc at different sports, and List itself is big heap such as ranging from Table to tennis to Football and from chinese checkers to Chessboard.


Have a burning desire to be successful and prosperous so that help others who need help.

Aspiring to be a better life runner

Those are just words, Don't believe words until you get proof on your own. [Suggestion, I like giving suggestions too :)]

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9652598983 (Telegram, Whatsapp)



Madhu Nilayam, Near CSIL church,

North Kamala Nagar, ECIL,