Nichole Bardin

New York

When I was kid, I desperately wanted to be Indiana Jones or Brenda Starr. I knew that wherever there was adventure or a story to be uncovered I wanted to be a part of it. Only a few professions allow for such a wild dream to come true and television Development is one of them. As a Casting and Development professional I have had the privilege of spearheading a wide range of topical projects. My work has taken me all over the country, and has introduced me to the most amazing people. I have spent time embedded in cults, scouted meth labs in Appalachia, searched for missing bodies in the swamps, gone off the grid in the desert, raced with car thieves, and even broken bread with some of America's most infamous wise guys. I take pride in seeking out the bold characters and fresh stories. I strive to nurture long lasting relationships while encouraging an environment of creative collaboration. I am driven to connect people and concepts to the appropriate brands and committed to developing the highest quality of broadcast programming. I believe with each new adventure and every conversation there is potential for turning an opportunity into a success story.