Nick Benik

Cambridge, MA, USA

I'm a entrepreneurial businessman with many years of experience in Fortune 500 companies as well as several C-level executive and advisory positions at web startups. I'm an autodidact polymath and member of Mensa having primary focus on Software Architecture and Electrical Engineering.

My working knowledge within the STEM universe is extensive with specific spikes of high expertise. So... go ahead and ask me about Carbonic Anhydrase ;) I've managed to have meaningful conversations with specialists in semiconductor physics, gunsmithing, cellular biology, medicine, pharma, finance, algorithmic trading and many other domains.

I have invented and hold several patents (internationally) and am well versed in Patent & Copyright law. Additional skills in Business Strategy (excelling at SWOT analysis and identifying blue ocean opportunity), Business Operations (general management and supply chain), Marketing, Psychology, Metalworking and designing mold-injection plastic parts.

I am currently at Harvard Medical School involved in Bioinformatics, Bibliometrics, Social Network Analysis (of the worldwide medical research community), and the Semantic Web.

For fun I research random STEM topics, invent stuff, write my own patents, do photography and, of course, provide consulting and mentoring services.

  • Work
    • Harvard Medical School