Nelson Brito

I am Nelson Brito (the T50 Creator), just another Security Researcher & Enthusiast, addicted to playing with computer and network (in)security.

I am a regular and sought-after speaker at conferences in Brazil — IME, CNASI, CONIP, SERPRO, ITA, H2HC, CIAB Workshop, BSidesSP, Silver Bullet, YSTS — and, also, I am the only Brazilian to speak at PH-Neutral. For further talks, please, click here.

I am probably best known by industry experts, professionals, enthusiast and academic audiences for my independent researching work — “Permutation Oriented Programming”, “SQL Fingerprint™ NG”, “T50: An Experimental Mixed Packet Injector”, “Inception: Reverse Engineering Hands-on”.

A special mention for the T50, which has been used by several companies, in order to validate their infrastructure, as well as has been incorporated by several Linux Distros (ArchAssault, BackTrack, BlackArch, Kali).