Nick Broadhurst

Architect, Writer, and Project Manager in Kathmandu, Nepal

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I’m Nick Broadhurst. I’m an architect and construction project manager. I have lived much of my life overseas. I write and studied writing and English upon leaving university decades ago.

Two things I value above all others. They are working and creating. Both, together, can lead to great states of being.

I just love writing. Especially science fiction, and children's books. I have written a twenty-three book sci-fi series, and that will be expanded. I have written a twelve book series of children's picture books, and they are part of the same story. There are more books to come yet. The first picture book is now in sixty languages.

I am a fan of photography, arts, and animals. I’m also interested in volunteering.

You can read my book with a click of the button above.

I have plans to also turn the series into Manga and comics and games and will be doing that this year.

I have spent many hours researching the body and what makes it age, and conversely what slows down aging. That lead me to the field of natural nutrition as an anti aging tool.

I also love work, and have spent years building, both commercial and residential. I also have done a lot of building inspections for many people, both commercial and residential.

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