Nikola Djordjevic

Doctor of Medicine, SEO Specialist, and Project Manager in Belgrade, Serbia

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Hello, I’m Nikola Djordjevic. I'm a Doctor of Medicine, SEO Specialist, Project Manager at MedAlertHelp… and clearly an all-around Renaissance man.

I graduated in 2015 from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Medicine and obtained my medical license in the same year. Having grown accustomed to a hectic life as a med student, and later as a practicing physician, I found myself with an unusual amount of spare time on my hands after completing my internship.

And how do workaholics fill their free time? With more work, obviously! But what to do? I know, I’ll start a website! But what should my site be about?

Throughout my academic and professional career, I’ve experienced firsthand the vital importance of prompt action in medical emergencies. This was when my interest in medical alert systems first originated—these simple devices can sometimes be quite literal lifesavers—so I decided to study their features extensively and create a website dedicated to them.

You can see my findings on, where I’ve reviewed the best medical alerts from all the top providers on the market.

I now lead a remarkable team of professional reviewers and medical writers devoted to saving your time and simplifying the process of finding the perfect solutions for everyone.

We also invite you to explore our blog, which covers a diverse set of topics such as health, nutrition, fitness, aging, retirement, and much more.

In addition to the work I do on my website, I'm an active contributor on:

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