Neal Fusco

Marketing and Medical Marketing in the United States

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Neal Fusco attended Millikin University and received his BS in Marketing. Neal is an avid sports, movie, travel, and book lover.

Growing up Neal played baseball and eventually found his way into playing golf. He enjoys watching the Cubs play baseball, the Miami Dolphins play football, the Blackhawks play hockey and the Bulls play basketball. Neal also spends his weekends coaching his children's little league baseball and soccer teams.

Neal enjoys traveling with his family to Walt Disney World and Hilton Head Island, S.C. He also loves visiting different beach locations around the country.

Neal enjoys reading books particularly Dan Brown books including the Da Vinci Code, Dante's Inferno, Angel and Demons, and The Lost Symbol. He enjoys the mix of history into a mystery and action adventure.

Neal Fusco loves watching movies specifically ones featuring his favorite actor Will Ferrell. Some of his all time favorite movies are Caddy Shack, Field of Dreams, and the Star Wars franchise.

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