Dr. Neal Mazer

Santa Barbara, CA.

At his private practice in Santa Barbara, California, Dr. Neal Mazer concentrates his treatment on child, adolescent, and family psychiatry. Former Chief of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division for the Department of Health in Hawaii, he currently strives to treat mental health conditions and disorders by empowering his patients to build upon their own individual strengths. Instead of concentrating solely on problematic behavior, Dr. Neal Mazer creates a treatment plan that is based on each patient's competencies and abilities.

Neal Mazer, MD, MPH, primarily treats patients with Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, and depression. Dr. Mazer's approach is one of positivity and respect: his belief, based on current research, is that by focusing on an individual's strengths and abilities—and providing that person with a network of caring supporters—he can achieve the desired outcome. He and his staff emphasize the innate talents of the patient and give each patient the tools to affect positive change in his or her own life. Additionally, he assists patients in identifying personal goals and putting systems in place to reach those goals.

In addition to his private practice, Neal Mazer established the Alisos Institute in 2000, a nonprofit agency that put on workshops and held several events to educate individuals living in rural areas of Mississippi, Louisiana, and other states on how to effectively deal with emergency situations. The organization also created the Community Heroes project, which provided children in the community the chance to build relationships with positive role models involved in the entertainment, sports, and music industries.

In his other philanthropic efforts, Neal Mazer actively contributes to the Breast Cancer Foundation, the Suicide Prevention Awareness Network, and PACT Adoption Camp.

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