Necole Brown

Small Business Owner in Chicago, Illinois

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I've discovered THE BEST KEPT SECRET that so many people haven't heard of yet, and I'm out to share. What if you could shop online for everything that you needed and save and make money in the process? 95% of the world hasn't heard of this, yet the company is over 30 years old.

MOVE OVER AMAZON, EBAY, and SHOPIFY, there's no hassle here. NO stocking inventory, NO dropshipping, and NO worrying about RETURNS. Customer service handles all of that for us, as the company is both the manufacturer and the retailer.

All we do is convert what we're currently doing, as it relates to shopping. THEN, SHARE with those whom we know that shop, allowing them to do the same thing!

An online shopping club where SHOPPING & SAVING has just been simplified for me! This is my PLAN B! I didn't have to be told twice! NO EXCUSES HERE! I can do this!

If you made a $19 annual investment, and could earn additional income doing what you already do...SHOPPING and SHARING, and this could improve your household finances by SAVING and MAKING you money, would you be open to take a look?

If so, ask me about our next live webinar to meet the team, and learn more about this wonderful opportunity. We have an awesome leadership team. Your Health, Your Environment, Your Quality of Life, and Your Finances depends on your decision.

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With over 400 products to choose from, it would take more than three years for an average Preferred Member to try all of the products just once.


- Customers worldwide shop from the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, China, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

- Over 1 Million Shoppers Every Month

- $2 Billion in Annual Sales

- 96% Monthly Reorder Rates

And, we have an A+ rating with the BBB.

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Necole Brown