Nedad Memic

PR Consultant, Journalist, and Linguist in Wien, Österreich

Currently, I am a PR Consultant specialized in health policy in Austria. Prior to that, I worked as a journalist for several Austrian and German newspapers (Wiener Zeitung, Arbeit&Wirtschaft, Deutsche Welle) as well as a German language trainer in Vienna. From 2009 to 2015, I was an editor-in-chief of the largest bilingual magazine in Austria: a German-Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian monthly KOSMO.

I have also worked as a media advisor, editor, and project manager for various corporate publishing projects, magazines, and social news platforms in Vienna. I also have wide experience dealing with German and South Slavic linguistics and working in academia.

I completed my Master Studies of German and English linguistics in Sarajevo and hold a PhD in German and South Slavic linguistics from the University of Vienna.

My expert knowledge comprises media, communication, journalism, multilingualism, linguistics, the Austrian, Balkan, and Bosnian politics, as well as migration and integration issues in Austrian and European perspective.

  • Education
    • University of Vienna