Neil Schober

Fitness expert and entrepreneur Neil Schober has founded over 100 athletic clubs across the country. Before finding success in the fitness industry, Schober attended Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. Neil Schober worked his way through college as a part-time janitor and graduated in 1974 with Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Sociology.

Upon graduation, Schober began working in the fitness industry, first as a trainer and later as a member of management. In 1987, he founded Harts Athletics Club in Seattle, where he spent 11 years as the owner. A natural in business development, Neil Schober turned the facility into an award-winning establishment that was voted the best fitness company in the state of Washington. He sold Harts Athletic Club for a significant profit in 1998.

In 1999, Neil Schober founded Pure Fitness, a company with locations in Seattle and Phoenix. In this same year, he purchased a 23-acre property in Sammamish, Washington for Plateau Bible Church, a property that was later donated to Evergreen Christian Fellowship. Furthering both his devotion to religious generosity and his commitment to fitness, Schober opened a Pure Fitness gym at the Dream Center in Los Angeles, a rehabilitation center that also provides services for the homeless and a foster care outreach program.

Neil Schober has used his drive and focus for a number of other humanitarian efforts, including the procurement of hundreds of thousands of cans of food for Phoenix First Assembly of God. In 2010, he founded Emerald City Athletic Club, a state-of-the-art facility with such amenities as racquetball, swimming, and basketball. Away from work, Neil is a family man. He has four beautiful children and two grandson with one granddaughter on the way. Neil believes that although he has received monetary success in the business world, his real success is with his family, and the endeavors they will do together. Neil is married to his bride of over 30 years, and love spending time with her dreaming of the future!