Nelson Wells

Founder, Music Industry Consultant, and #Blockchain Futurist in Athens, Georgia

Nelson Wells

Founder, Music Industry Consultant, and #Blockchain Futurist in Athens, Georgia

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Buckminster Fuller once said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

For me, there are no truer words to an entrepreneur and business owner like myself. I am a believer in business, technology, design & the arts and the people who advance those endeavors. I seek people who disrupt common thought processes & startups who solve real world problems or seek to change entire industries. Give me your tired your poor, and your disruptors.

I've been a founder of more than one music industry company. In addition I've at times been known to be an #inventor, a cofounder & CEO, a beginner-stage #Bitcoin, #Altcoin & #cryptocurrency advisor, a music industry consultant, a #blockchain #DLT futurist, #tech #startup advisor, and a people & idea connector. I'm also a devoted dad to identical twin girls.

I was first a music Publicist, now the Founder & CEO of an International Music PR Firm, a music industry consultant, and a #tech startup and #bitcoin and #altcoin advisor. Feel free to read on or to reach out to me directly. I'm happy to connect (& help) people..any & all.

More about Nelson Wells: In the late 90's Nelson founded the boutique music industry Public Relations Firm in Athens, Georgia, Team Clermont, where he remains CEO. Since selling shares in the firm Wells focuses on advising, investing in, and mentoring technology startups, as well as being an inventor and investor himself.

Previous to founding Team Clermont, Nelson honed his entrepreneurial & PR skills and took his first music PR company from an initial investment of $800 from a band whose name includes 'Blowfish' to a half million in revenues in 30 months. That PR Firm is now Team Clermont.

Nelson attended the University of Georgia where he pursued a degree in marketing and international business. He was also a member of the varsity diving team; since college, he's moved his athletic pursuits out of the pool and to both the road & the water currently training for only one more triathlon, & one more half marathon.

See and find out how Nelson Wells & Bill Benson have developed one of the most active music public relations firm in the US serving indie musicians worldwide of all sounds and genres. Team Clermont turned 20 in 2017. More at - the old

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