Rev. Nettie M. Spiwack

Teacher in the United States

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Whether you are looking to heal a physical, emotional or spiritual condition, no matter how chronic, persistent or serious, Spiritual Healing is the engine on the healing train, not the caboose. Yes, do everything to care for your physical well-being, but don't leave the engine off the train!

I've traveled the world and brought others with me to be with the great mystics and healers so that I can bring their gifts back to you—the gift of the powerful connection to the all-pervading energy that illuminates and heals your life.

Enter the world of spiritual healing with me. No matter what your faith background, the same Divine Spirit can heal your life. Make the connection now! Ultimately, all healing is healing at the soul level—healing the illusion of separation from the Divine Self.

Best blessings,

Rev. Nettie M. Spiwack