New Generation for God


Radical, Controversial, Prophetic, Powerful, Current, Different, Passionate about Jesus Christ and a generator of changes. So is New Generation for God.

We dream with returning the supernatural power of God to the streets. See the streets full of Disciples of Jesus showing the Glory of the living God, through healing, miracles and Supernatural wonders.

We want with all the heart, Train, enable and Send to the Streets to Disciples of Jesus Christ who personally Know HOLY SPIRIT; for healing, free and transform every unbeliever with the Supernatural Power of God. Establishing Refuges and Counseling Integral Centers for radically help and bless all prostitute, alcoholic, transvestite, homosexual, lesbian, and drug addict with the Supernatural Love of JESUS​​.

Jesus is NOT about temples, choirs or congresses, Jesus is about the people, of the unbelievers, those who are not yet Saved, of those who will die TODAY and will go to hell. We must reach them. At any cost.

Today we have presence in 25 social networks in three languages​​: Spanish, English and Chinese.