New Haven Guardians

New Haven, Connecticut

The New Haven Guardians is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizational unit of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers; The Guardians is a fraternity of New Haven Police Officers dedicated to bridging the gap between the New Haven community and the police.

Our purpose is to unify Black Law Enforcement and Correction Officers employed within the Greater New Haven area for a common cause and goal.

- To establish effective means and strategies for dealing with both discriminatory and social abuses in the criminal justice system.

- To evaluate, recommend, and introduce legislation which enhances the quality of life of members of the Black Community.

- To develop communication techniques and open avenues for the sensitizing of area-wide Law Enforcement agencies, government entities, institutions, Police and Correction Officers in the criminal justice system to the problems of the Black Community.

- To strive to improve the working conditions, hiring practices and promotion of Black Law Enforcement communities.

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