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Web Developer, search engine optimization, and internet marketing in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

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Hey there, we're Triple Agent Digital Media, Newmarket SEO. We're a premier digital marketing agency in the vibrant multicultural town of Newmarket, Canada, north of Toronto. We serve businesses in Newmarket, York Region and surrounding cities in the Greater Toronto Area with love!

TADM specializes in ethical, Google-compliant SEO services that are designed to increase your traffic and Internet visibility in the long term, no matter what market you’re in. To us, SEO is a way to spread good will and help businesses of integrity to thrive.

We offer services to help businesses be seen by their customers, in the places on Google where targeted customers are most plentiful (91.5% of Google searchers never go to page 2, because it's the best place to hide a dead body!), and Google Maps, which 90% of the world uses to discover local businesses. Our Google Maps / Google My Business service goes beyond just simple on-page optimization and gives you PROMINENCE across the Web, which is what Google wants to see to make you known to your local audience.

We offer free 1-on-1 discovery calls for new clients! To discuss how we can help you monetize your advantages on Google, simply book an introductory call on