Ngong George Fonyuy

Accountant, Auditor, and Social Entrepreneur in Yaounde Cameroon

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Ngong George Fonyuy is a fast growing entrepreneur with specialized skills in Accounting, Auditing and the Cameroon Tax law with 5 years experience. He is also a speaker and trainer with excellent contributions in business strategy, personal and corporate finance as well as automated accounting and finance systems.

Ngong currently serves as the founder and team leader for PEOTEF (People Technology and In this institution, he crafts trainings in accounting, finance, Auditing and Tax management in Cameroon. With his leadership, PEOTEF has trained and certified 400+ young professionals in Cameroon and other African countries including the UAE. He also leads a team of five in PEOTEF with whom they work to bring accounting and finance knowledge to business owners, top executives and young professionals all over Africa and parts of the UAE.

When it comes to accounting systems, Ngong has good knowledge of QuickBooks, Sage Saari, SAP ERP and Manager Accounting. Through PEOTEF, he has automated a 15+ businesses in varied locations in the country including schools, NGOs, Hospitals and general commerce businesses.

Ngong is currently pursuing an MBA in accounting with Rome Business School. He is also working to get certified as a globally recognized auditor (CIA). Ngong has been part of C-life Cameroon where he carried out training on servant leadership and entrepreneurship. He intends to begin his DBA as soon as he is done with the MBA and will also work towards getting a certification in fraud examination (CFE).

Ngong is currently a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) United States of America (USA).

Ngong also serve as part time lecturer in Yaoundé International Business School (YIBS) and the Experimental Institute of Science and Technology Yaoundé (EXHIST)where he lectures on legal management and tax, cost and management as well as financial accounting. He also serve as the Career service Officer for CITEC-HITM. In this role, he serves as coach to students, counsellor and team member to the school administration.

Ngong has been invited to CRTV national television, LDTV Buea Cameroon HOPEWORLD TV Yaounde Cameroon generally talking about Entrepreneurship.

Ngong is a song writer, base singer, pianist, drummer and Choir coordinator and conductor. He is also a left-handed handballer. He is a lover of God and culture and is truly proud that is what and who he is.

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    • PEOTEF (People,Tech & Finance
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    • Rome Business School
    • University of Bamenda