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content curator, Creative Enthusiast, and Remote Professional in VA, USA

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My name is Nherie Tellado, and I am based in Virginia, USA. I am a content curator, creative development enthusiast, and practical artist.

As a content curator, I specialize in gathering, analyzing, and organizing digital and published content, to identify the most relevant information that can be utilized for digital and print content creation and publishing. This diverse experience spans topics like mindfulness, parenting, freelancing, work tips, creativity, simple living, health & wellness, and community resources. These explorations enriched my expertise and deepened my understanding of these subjects.

My career goals include collaborating with communication, marketing, or publishing teams to curate content, develop strategies, and establish a strong publishing presence. I aim to connect with community outreach initiatives and create content that promotes personal development and enhances life skills.

I am also the proud owner of Lifestyle & Flow LLC, a mission-driven movement and brand established in 2022, which aims to empower individuals on their personal development journeys by promoting lifestyle changes through creativity. As Lifestyle & Flow LLC continues to evolve, my personal journey in practical artistry begins with design. Under Create Season Studio, I specialize in creating and personally crafting handmade art.

In addition to my creative endeavors, I maintain a personal blog called LivingALifeOfCreativity.com (established in 2017), also known as A Creative Life by Nherie (established in 2023). This blog, along with my secondary micro-blog @lalocreativity, serves as a platform to inspire creativity, wellness, and style, guiding individuals on a path of self-discovery.

Furthermore, I have initiated another micro-blog project called The Working Blog @theworkingblog (established in 2022). This micro-blog focuses on assisting individuals in building work confidence, providing valuable resources for work transitioning and skill enhancement.

Inquiries for hiring, partnership or more information, you can reach out at [email protected]

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