Nherie Tellado

content curator, Creative Influencer, and Small Business Owner in Hopewell, VA

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My name is Nherie Tellado of Virginia (U.S.A.)

I am a content curator, researcher and writer. I am also the owner of an anticipated e-commerce brand called Lifestyle & Flow LLC. est. 2022. The mission is to create a long-term connection with the “creative soul on the go” by offering products to aid in creating functional living, sell personally crafted designed products (Create Season Studio), accessories for travel and inspire personal creative development.

As a content curator and researcher, I gather, analyze and organize digital and published content to find the most relevant information for digital and print content creation and publishing.

Most recent work | partnering experience includes proofing, revising, researching or creating content or communications with other brands. Recent topics of exploration and experience include Mindfulness, Parenting, Freelancing, Work Tips, Creativity, Simple Living, Health & Wellness, Community Resources.

Additional ways I create are accomplished through a personal blog LivingALifeOfCreativity.com est. 2017 and secondary micro-blog @lalocreativity, which aims to influence creativity in individuals as an assisted path to self-discovery. As a third project, also created the micro-blog, The Working Blog @theworkingblog est. 2022, which aims to build work confidence in individuals seeking resources to aid in work transitioning and skill enhancement.

Personal career goals include, partnering with communications, marketing or publishing teams on content curation, strategy and creating a reputable presence for publishing content in connection with community outreach, personal development and enhancing life skills.

Inquiries for hiring, partnership or more information, you can reach out at [email protected]

Nherie Tellado

  • Education
    • Diploma, Communication Skills (NPTEL 2022-Present)