Nils Hofmeister

Software Engineer, Leader, and Agilist in Hamburg, Germany

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I started my career as a software developer and successively worked in areas that interested me since I was a child. The most important two of those: Virtual Reality and after that Games. I became a pretty neat software engineer and also started to lead projects and later teams. During all these years I recognized that there are the same issues driving everybody mad over and over again, regardless of company size and industry. And these issues do not result from technical problems or tight schedules.

I learned more about this building up a team delivering Release Engineering services. Not only was it our task to take care of build processes, VCSs and so on. Also it was our task to evangelize developers and managers and teach them why things like TDD, reviews, CI, CD, etc make sense. I still feel very connected to these topics but by now have taken over a pure management role. Which brought even more insight to me about what the design errors of organizations are these days.

The main learning for me right now is, that while in the scope of projects a lot of good ideas and practices popped up, management itself still works like 20 years ago. Optimistically speaking. This is why the ideas of Stoos, Management 3.0 and of course all the items from the Agile toolbox really fascinate me. The question is: how can we develop cool stuff in time while making sure the jobs&lives of us, the tech guys, stay or become again enjoyable? How can we do this living in times in which most companies are driven by shareholder value?

So after working on various tough technical challenges earlier this is what drives me now. I am excited to see that many people in Hamburg and over the world feel the same way and more and more related communities are arising. Maybe we manage to make our companies and in the end the world a slightly better place together?

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