Nic Gilbert

I am a nerd, a gamer, a beer drinker, and a collector of hobbies. I also travel for work which allows me to find local beers, from all over, that we are unable to get back home in Oklahoma. I started reading about brewing sometime in 2004 via Charlie Papazian’s book, "The Joy of Homebrewing" but had no room in my tiny apartment to brew. Home brewing as a hobby went on the back burner for the next few years. I continued to indulge and explore the beer world over and came to find Dogfish Head and Stone. I was in love! Finally, in 2009, we took a class at “Learn to Brew” in Moore, OK where we were hooked instantly! My first batch was an English style IPA. Right off the bat, I had beer hitting the ceiling! I started collecting kegs and converting them to keggles and then purchased a march pump and a therminator to do all the extract batches. I currently have enough burners and keggles to brew up to 40 gallons (4 double batches) at a time. The next step is to either insulate a keggle or convert a cooler into a mash tun and go all-grain. I quickly converted from bottling to kegging and built a kegerator out of a 14ft chest freezer with 6 taps! Took a long time to get enough homebrew to fill it up, but I’ve brewed enough to keep several on hand. Plus, there's nothing wrong with rotating in some commercial beer as well!