Niche Quiche*

Hello. There's no one home at the moment as we're busy baking in the vegetarian imaginarium. But if you'll forgive us for going all management-speak for a second, here is our 'mission statement':

To put the joy back into salvaging the best qualities of this pastry phenomenon, nurturing them a while and adding some of the finest and most curious ingredients in the worldwide pantry. The result: three lovely flavours so far: Popeye & Spinach, Pea & A Sparrow's Guts, and Coronation Chickpea.

If you'd like see the end of the saggy-bottomed impostor quiche, visit us on the Facebook link below. Or if you spot an offending quiche, dob them in to the 4th emergency service: [email protected]

Together we'll stamp out culinary crime and make the British aisles safe again. 'Til then, you can use the magical hyperlinks below to see more about our quiche.

* May contain joy.