Nicholas Fainlight

Student in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Nicholas Fainlight is a lifelong lover of all things finance and banking. Growing up in a Connecticut town just outside of New York City with family members involved in the financial industry, he developed a knack for following economic trends at an early age.

Nicholas Fainlight continued on this path, taking economics classes in junior high and high school. He continues to study finance as he pursues a bachelor's degree at the Queens University of Charlotte, where he is expected to graduate in December 2017, and works towards a career in this field.

Nicholas Fainlight previously served as an Operations Manager for LPD New York, and an intern for the Charlotte Hornets professional basketball team. He gained valuable leadership and business skills as the Premium and Membership Sales Intern where he was responsible for generating over 700 leads for Inside Sales Account Executives. fielding outbound marketing and sales calls, and managing sales tables and inventory.

Currently, Nicholas Fainlight is a Business Development Intern for JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based financial firm that provides funding to startups and small to mid-sized businesses with strong growth potential.

Nicholas Fainlight is particularly interested in the processes involved in predicting the market based on past trends. Forecasting is nothing less than an incredibly engrossing skill set to develop. Betting on whether or not a product's value will fluctuate involves accounting for an incredibly diverse assortment of variables. Nicholas is surprised by how many ways there are to get involved in finance. If you are truly invested in following the market, there is no limit to the amount of information available for evaluation. Even the smallest event can impact a stock, all of which is fascinating to him.

In addition to finance, Nicholas Fainlight is also passionate about sports and fitness, particularly swimming. He has participated in competitive sports since he was a kid and values the discipline and leadership skills that accompany playing sports. Over the years, he’s been on little league baseball teams, swam competitively, and spent time playing rugby. One of his favorite athletes is Michael Phelps and he closely follows the Chelsea FC team.