Nicholas F. Wakim

Nicholas Farid Wakim currently serves as CEO of Phoenix Water, an advanced water treatment and purification company he founded in 2009. Operating from Victoria, Australia, Nicholas F. Wakim continues to direct all aspects of the international operation. He brings more than 23 years of broad experience across the realms of entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, project management, and investing. Mr. Wakim studied Business Marketing and Finance at the College of DuPage in Illinois, after graduating from d'Overbroeck's College in Oxford.

Phoenix Water seeks to function as the global leader in the recovery of water and commodities from previously unusable wastewater streams. Concentrating primarily on desalination, Phoenix Water possesses proprietary technology capable of the zero liquid discharge treatment of both super saline and industrial wastewaters. In his role with Phoenix Water, Nicholas F. Wakim supervises the company's commercialization plan toward securing a primary position in the marketplace. In addition to guiding corporate strategy, he also facilitates capitalization and maintains ongoing relationships with both licensees and product end users.

Nicholas F. Wakim commands an extensive entrepreneurial background. Having developed numerous business ventures over the course of his career, he has successfully built companies across sectors as diverse as cleantech, business advisory, investment banking and IT. Prior to establishing Phoenix Water, he founded and served as Principal of Phoenix Group, which delivered an array of advisory and investment services to professionals and corporations seeking to develop businesses in the Middle East. Previously, Mr. Wakim also presided as founder and CEO of Intercorp Group and as founder and Managing Director of Vision Financial Group.

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