Nicholas Noel

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My name is Nicholas Noel. I am an American. I am from the Bronx. I love to travel all over the place and even around the world. I was born on February 9, 1996. I went to Harry Gordon School for Pre-K, P.S. 121 School for Kindergarten to 5th Grade, and M.S. 180 for 6th to 8th grade in the Bronx. I also attend East NY Transit Tech High School in East New York, Brooklyn by subway. My future is to get a career with MTA New York City Transit as Road Car Inspector repairing subway cars and working in the yards in New York. As I was born, I had a club foot on my right foot. I went to NYU Hospital for Joint Disease for over 10 years and Arimed downtown to see about my problem. I had over 5 surgeries on my foot when I was growing up. My mother would always take me downtown or my aunt by ambulette service. I had my last two surgeries on my right foot in 2002 at NYU Hospital for Joint Disease. When it was my first surgery, my mother stayed with me in the hospital overnight while my grandmother was home with my brother and my cousin. As the ambulette came to my house, the ambulette drivers carried me up the stairs because there was no elevator in my apartment. He would lay me in the bed in the bedroom or in the couch in my living room. My cast didn't come off my foot for about 2 months until the end of September. As I was growing up, I kept wearing a brace on my right foot and it helped me a lot. When I garduated from 5th grade, I got four awards from P.S.121. I wanted to go to East NY Transit Tech High School in Brooklyn, but my mother said it was too far for me to travel out there everyday. That also included the cold weather, delays on the subway, and after school activities. I don't mind traveling to Brooklyn everyday when I take the subway and getting up early for school. When I started high school for my freshman year, all I kept doing non-stop was rapping for the whole school. I really chose this school was to work for MTA New York City Transit as a Road Car Inspector and to get an internship program to get some money. I have traveled to Boston last year with MS180 by coach bus. I spent three days in Boston. I spent two nights in th hotel and three days doing sightseeing throughout the state. When I was in 4th grade, my class and I wrote letters to the MTA. I kept writing letters to the MTA when I was in 5th grade until today. I took a tour of the 207th Street Yard in Manhattan 2 years ago.