Nichole Smith

Nichole has built a loyal following through social media and uses her knowledge and her experience in social media to help create strong online communities, create brand partnerships, and start conversations. In the fall of 2008 Nichole was named as one of the 50 Most Power and Influential Women in Social Media by Immediate Influence Blog. Nichole has worked with such Digital Media companies such as Lifetime Digital (part of the AETN family) as a community manager for MothersClick and the Co-Editor of the Parenting Channel at Lifetime Moms. Former community management clients include, Cafemom, Clubmom, and

Nichole operates her own business a consultant for companies looking to expand their social media reach and build their business through social media marketing and web content solutions. Nichole also works with a variety of social media groups and brands providing insight to consumer purchases, product reviews and customer service feedback.

As a professional writer and blogger, Nichole provides both web and print content to clients around the globe. She has written for AOL, IAC Search & Media, The Post Newspapers and other privately owned websites.

Nichole owns several online properties including Nichole L. Smith and publishes on her personal blog, The Guilty Parent where she talks raising a family and a home with a dose of humor and realism. When Nichole isn't writing or consulting, she is envying anyone who doesn't burn dinner and chases cows. She aspires to knitting greatness like Debbie Stoller & Stephanie Pearl McPhee. Nichole makes her home in Rural NE Ohio with her husband and four children.

Contact Nichole at: [email protected]