Nícia Cruz

Porto, Portugal

Nícia Cruz

Porto, Portugal

I'm a connection of wor(l)ds. Of people and interests. Ever changing. Ever growing.

Just like:

Challenges. Creativity. Curiosity. Dreams. Experiences. Happiness. Books. Music. Cinema. World culture. World travelling. World changing.

Writing// Poetry. Chronicles. Blog. Letters. Short-stories. Long stories. Interviews.

Graphic Design// Logos. Typography. Illustration. Photomanipulation. Minimalism as a lifestyle.

Languages // Portuguese. English. French. Learning: Mandarin. Italian. German.

Mistakes. Details. Inspiration. Laugh. Ambition. Volunteering. Perfection. Balance. Love.

I can be a... Journalist / Marketeer / Advertiser / Public Relations / Teacher. Or anything I want.

I live between reality and imagination. Words and images. Sounds and smells. Touches and connections. I live in a synaesthetic world.

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  • Work
    • Writer at designing dreams
  • Education
    • Graduated in Marketing, Advertising, Journalism and PR