Nick Fajen

Service Supervisor - Heavy Equipment in Orlando, Fl, United States

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Born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, Nick Fajen has made a name for himself as a versatile professional, now calling Orlando, Florida, his home. His eclectic career path has seen him navigate through several industries, including concrete, automotive retail, restaurants, pest control, and heavy equipment, each step of the way enriching his skill set and deepening his commitment to excellence and service.

Nick embarked on his professional adventure in 2011, exploring various fields before finding his niche. His rapid ascent to a service manager role in the pest control sector within merely a year of starting as a technician underscores his remarkable dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and deep-seated expertise.

His arsenal of skills is both broad and profound. He is particularly adept at tuning 1990s Mitsubishi cars using ECMLink, showcasing his strong mechanical aptitude. Beyond automotive excellence, he boasts comprehensive expertise in pest and termite control, proficiency in utilizing Windows OS, and fluency in Microsoft Office applications, painting the picture of a well-rounded professional.

Nicholas's accomplishments are not confined to the professional realm. A highlight from his high school years includes outstanding performances on the rifle team, where his marksmanship earned him the highest scores in various positions and contributed to an undefeated season in 2006. His senior year saw him continue to dominate in shooting, leading to significant placements at the Army JROTC division and Western Regionals at the Olympic Training Center, showcasing not only his skill but also his dedication to excellence and team spirit.

Nicholas Fajen's journey from Ft. Worth to Orlando, through a myriad of industries and roles, reflects a dedication to growth, mastery, and service. His diverse background and array of accomplishments speak to a professional who is ever-ready to leverage his skills and passion in new and challenging arenas.