Nicki Zvik

Real Estate Developer in Los Angeles, California

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Nicki Zvik is a renewable energy entrepreneur, real estate investor, and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, CA.

Zvik decided to concentrate exclusively on the solar industry and started his new company Green Solar Technologies. After achieving tremendous local success, through Zvik’s leadership, Green Solar expanded outside of California and is now an industry leading nationwide solar company installing thousands of projects and operating in over 20 states.

In 2016, Governor Brown of California, in part in order to address the city’s housing shortage and homelessness problem, signed two bills into law that promotes the conversion of secondary dwellings into livable additional dwelling units (ADUs). In order to capitalize on this new opportunity Zvik founded Spectrum Holdings, a real estate investment company that specialized in the purchase of single family homes and converting them into dual-income rental properties. Today, Spectrum is regarded as an expert in small scale value-added real estate investment.

Zvik supports personally and through his businesses, various charities and nonprofits. Green Solar Technologies is the first solar company to contribute to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and has committed to donating significant funds for every completed solar installation.