Designing Parts for Terminator.

Competing to work on visual effects for Hollywood blockbusters like Terminator Salvation is quite a battle. But Adelaide’s Nick Pill has consistently been on the winning side. So for Nick and the team at Rising Sun Pictures, this means a constant stream of work from overseas film companies.
Nick’s story is just one example of the amazing talent that comes out of Adelaide and reaches the world stage.
With more major films being produced here, Nick’s visual effects magic is sure to be coming to our screens soon.
- Nick Pill, Visual Effects Art Director at Rising Sun Pictures.

What’s your life philosophy?

To enjoy what I do, and a major part of that is to remind myself of just how lucky I am to be doing it.

What’s next for Nick Pill?

Spread my Art Direction net a little wider. We generally work on isolated sections within a film, soon we may be seeing Rising Sun Pictures develop its own entertainment which will require some larger creative commitment. Possibly a chance to leave my own individual stamp.

What would you say to those who think there are limited opportunities for young people in SA?

The world is becoming a smaller place every day thanks to technology such as the ever expanding internet. Training from all round the globe can now be taken in your own home. Live classes in Los Angeles. It's insane!
You can work from home to anywhere in the world, the options for success have never been so great. Geography is becoming less of a barrier.
I don't condone too much isolation in your own room, nor for that matter, in your own State. We learn from our adventures and these shape how we behave and get influenced, but your location is not an excuse for failure.

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