Nick Reilly

My journey begins deep inside the virulent tech world of Hoboken, NJ.

I've tried to forget, to strike the memories from my mind. Bound to our workstations with cold iron bands, arms tethered to our keyboards with heavy chains, our only sustenance an unlocked Snapple machine, it was produce or perish. The constant whisper of the fluorescent lights, mocking as they sapped life and left a path of greasy foreheads in their wake. The out-of-date software, the crashing, reboot after reboot... to say life was bleak would be an understatement–it was a goddamn nightmare.

I'm not proud of the words I wrote then, and have done my best to forget them, but I did what it took to make it out alive. I wish I could say the same for Freddy Mattasa. The poor bastard couldn't—no, wouldn't—make the cut. He had his pride, but in the end he paid. In the end we all pay, one way or another...

I'm an experienced writer looking for new and exciting opportunities. My professional experience spans multiple fields—I have written on various subjects, including tech, film, and culture; worked in marketing and advertising; built mausoleums; and even planned and executed, from inception to finish, an ethnographic research trip to Tunisia. I'm most happy when telling a story, and enjoy writing about all topics. Feel free to explore my portfolio and CV on my personal website and contact me with any questions.