Nick Ribal

Front-end engineer, Architect, and Consultant in Remote

With 15 years of web development experience, I specialize in front-end team oriented technical leadership.

I enjoy exploring the complex interactions between code, people, culture and organizations by means of mentoring, tooling, conventions and rules.

Over the past 6 years I've successfully continued to pursue my passion - remotely and part time, before Covid-19 made it cool.

I share my rich experience and vast knowledge to empower, mentor and guide team members to produce high quality software at scale and speed.

In the short term: I architect, choose technologies and implement a solid, high quality foundation for your business or product. One which you won't have to throw away and rewrite.

In the long term: I set coding and collaboration standards, enforce them and mentor team members by setting a high bar for your development team's standards, culture and quality - an investment which will stay long after we part ways.

I mentor very well and can explain complex systems and concepts in a way anyone can understand. People say they like working with me and that they learn from how I approach challenges.

I'm always open to exploring new consulting gigs or getting hired - as long as the job is remote, part time (up to 100 monthly hours) and is something I find interesting and challenging in web front-end. :)

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