Nick Robalik

Planet Earth

I'm a tech-saavy art & creative director who prefers PC/Windows over Mac. I understand this makes me certifiably insane to most designers. They're wrong, but only about being insane for that reason in particular.

I wrote the first art program I ever used. It ran on MS-DOS, and let you position blocks of colored ASCII characters to make images. In 1987, it was awesome.

I wrote my first book before I was old enough to drink. It was the top pre-order in its category on for two months. Don't buy it now, because a 13yr-old book on 3D animation is pretty out of date.

In Jan. 2011 (after a year of remodeling...never again) I opened a Coworking space in Brooklyn, NY to help designers get access to cool gear they wouldn't otherwise have available, like 3D & giant-ass giclee printers, super-fast internet, and a motion graphics/3D render farm. It's called Bitmap Creative Labs. Well, it was. Now it's called "closed because the landlords kept asking for more money and it wasn't sustainable at that location."

I sometimes run a design small contract design shop called HERO, that does interactive design, development & animation for way-cool clients & projects.

I'm working on a few independent video games, which you can read more about here.