Nick Roshdieh

Luxury Real Estate Agent in Laguna Beach, California

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Pacific Sotheby's Nick Roshdieh, a multiple-award winner, is known for his expertise in the premium market. Real estate journals like Executive Agent have praisedNick's work for more than a decade and have placed him on the cover of four publications.

Several factors contribute to Nick's accomplishments. Clients and partners alike value his unwavering commitment to high standards. He's a pleasant individual to conduct business with because of his negotiating skills and welcoming nature. As a seasoned professional, Nick Roshdieh has developed a strong network of associates, which has allowed him to work with some of the most desirable developers in Southern California.

Nick Roshdieh's approach to real estate is hybrid, which means he uses the best practices of the industry to meet the needs of today's discriminating buyers and sellers while also providing them with the necessary transparency. Nick and his team are known for their impeccable service and are able to provide their clients with the necessary tools and resources to make informed decisions. For instance, through their marketing strategy, Nickand his team are able to reach out to a wider audience through online visibility in countries such as Australia and China.

Additionally, Nick Roshdieh is passionate about learning and believes that in order to be successful, one must never stop seeking new experiences and knowledge. Nick has enjoyed architecture since he was young. Before beginning his career in real estate, Nick Roshdieh was involved in a number of small business ventures.

In his spare time Nick enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

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