Nick Toadvine

President in Lakeland, Florida

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Nick Toadvine is an entrepreneur and a visionary. He has worked in the finance industry for more than 20 years and has a well-deserved reputation for deeply caring about his clients and helping them mold the most secure futures possible.

Following his bachelor of science degree at Florida Southern College, Nick Toadvine dove directly into the industry he loves. He specializes in a number of areas including investment management, estate planning, tax reduction strategies, risk management, and retirement income.

Guardian Wealth Management is his pride and joy, and he has been faithfully serving his clientele for years. Beyond simply financial planning, Nick Toadvine's team also handles personal errands such as tech support for a home computer or help with farm chores. He has sat with an elderly client on more than one occasion so that their spouse can run to the grocery store. He is so close to his clients, in fact, that he can frequently be found at birthday parties and anniversary celebrations.

Whenever he has a spare minute from working at his financial firm, Nick Toadvine takes health and wellness very seriously. Not just for himself, but for his family as well. He has made it a point to make sure that his community and loved ones know how much they are needed and treats all people the same way, regardless of who they are. Daily exercise habits, a sound sleep schedule, and an adherence to a healthy diet are ways that he ensures he will not only live life to the fullest but be around for as long as possible.

While keeping physically active, Nick likes to do an assortment of exercises, including weight training and cardio. He knows that physical fitness is only half of the equation, so he also spends time keeping mentally fit by going on long walks, riding his bike, traveling to far-away vacation spots, and reading. He is an avid reader and constantly stays abreast of the latest technology in the world of finance. Nick Toadvine strongly believes in the importance of not shying away from technology or the future, but embracing it. He is also a movie buff, especially with his family.

When he does dine out, Nick is always eager to try a new cuisine, especially if it’s a seafood restaurant. He and his family are also wonderful cooks and enjoy doing food prep at home.

He is an active member of his community, including his local church, and he volunteers his time whenever possible. Nick Toadvine has served for many years on the board of directors for his local YMCA.