Nick Tong

Consultant, Architect, and Entrepreneur in Cowfold, United Kingdom

Nick is an innovator venturing into the health and food industry. As someone who has specialised in peer-to-peer marketplaces and shareTech he's now looking to apply this expertise to the exploding health and food industry.

He's driven by a passion to create pioneering, habit-changing lifestyles through food, health and technology.

As a previous trailblazer in the technology space Nick delivered technology solutions and eCommerce solutions to large corporates, charities and startups including a range of Sharing Economy platforms. He's also raised capital through crowdfunding twice and helped make history by driving investment into Compare and Share - the first company to raise 3x on a equity investment platform.

With 18 years of technical and sales experience Nick has worked with brands such as the BBC, Vodafone, Channel 4, Courvoisier, RSPCA, Publicis, Macmillan and the NHS, innovating and game-changing along the way.