Nick Yates

professional in the vending / franchising industry in San Diego, California

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Nick Yates is a San Diego-based professional whose dedication to organic, healthy food has had a global impact on schools, workplaces, hospitals and medical facilities.

Nick founded Healthy Vending Pty Ltd, the world's first healthy vending machine business, back in 2002. Since then the company has grown to have a large franchise program with over 250 active franchisees offering healthy vending machines and micro markets in their facilities.

Now Nick chairs Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, the parent company of Fresh Healthy Vending and two other groundbreaking brands within the vending/franchising space: 19 Degrees is a forthcoming corporate-owned frozen yogurt kiosk brand, and Reis and Irvy’s LLC has sparked interest among food lovers and tech lovers alike thanks to its “Froyo Kiosk”-- the first fully automated frozen yogurt robot vending machine in the market.

Nick Yates enjoys participating in social and economic programs to better his community. As Generation NEXT Franchise Brands recently opened in San Diego, he and his company team have begun collaborating with McAlister Institute, one of the largest alcoholic and drug treatment providers in the area. Nick looks for new opportunities in nonprofit and community work, always with an overarching goal to help people achieve full health and wellness.

  • Education
    • University of Technology, Sydney