Nick "Yngve" Samios

Musician in Athens, Greece

Being a drummer since 1995, I have played for a variety of bands and recorded several demos, EPs and albums, ranging from hard rock to black metal.

Founding member of Gungnir.
Session musician and drummer at Drama Noir, Sirius, AfterBlood, Flames and Repentless (Slayer tribute band).

Throughout the years, I have recorded drums for C.L.G., Illusions Of Dignity, Eternity, Obduktion, Άγγελοι Της Νύχτας (Angels Of The Night), Acherontas, Mortuus Sum, Odin's Court, Dizziness, Vomit Church, Empire Of The Moon, Memorain, Lykaionas, Caelestia, Hate Manifesto, Unholy Archangel, Christfuck, Chaosbaphomet, Fovitron, Shrine Of Orpheus, Nergal, Abvulabashy, Nekra, Archaeos, Μενεαπνέοντες (Meneapneontes), Deviser, Realm Of Void and Όχεντρα (Ohentra).

For a complete list of my recordings you can click the link below.