Nico Phillips

Public Speaker, Artist, and Pre-Law in London, United Kingdom

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As the nexus of my Internet footprint, it's all outward and deep in from here. Careful. And if you aren't broke, take a look at my campaign . . .

My journey thus far is from Outreach Director at the Disabilities Network of New York City in 2006, which helped spawn CripLibWork that will never really stop, through the Squat Belgravia project in London in 2017. The Nerves Of Us emerged after When I Walk's Jason DaSilva had me begin filming my selective dorsal rhizotomy in 2008 in my birth home of South Harlem, Manhattan, and in my opinion its 2014 relaunch and completion is now long overdue. I'm a permanent Europe resident from NYC living in London since late 2010, going Greek via ancestral passport from November 2019.

2023 might mean Bloemfontein to partake in the Cheetah Experience sanctuary or joining Sea Shepherd aboard their deck, but England is my home and now I'm about to enter law school, so, I'll hold off on those a bit. Human rights are my jam; Cons and their games, aren't. English muffins, you crumpet impostors, how dare you exist.

  • Education
    • The University of Law
    • City and Islington College