Nicole Beale

Southampton, UK

I am studying a PhD in improving access to cultural heritage using the Web. I was based at the University of Southampton's Web Science Doctoral Training Centre and the Archaeological Computing Research Group. I have recently moved to the Centre for Digital Heritage and the Department of Archaeology, University of York, where I am a Research Associate.

I am interested in open data, particularly how this can be used by museums and for public archaeology projects. I teach workshops on social media and also open data use for researchers. I was a CHASE Going Digital Scholar. I deliver a Lifelong Learning module on Urban Archaeology and teach introductory modules to undergraduates.

I have worked in the past for local government museums, as an Assistant Curator and also in education, in digital media, and in outreach. I now work as a consultant for local authorities. I also have a background in eLearning for Higher Education institutions. I have a degree in History of Art, a Masters in Archaeological Computing and a Masters in Web Science. I teach and publish on all of the above topics whenever possible. I blog at The Cultural Heritage Web, and tweet as @nicoleebeale.

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