Nicole "Indy" Beus

Hello! I'm Indy! I'm a Social Media Marketer, Graphic Designer and a Virtual Assistant. I help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and politicians put all the pieces together.

My insight and background help me see the missing pieces and either fill the gap or teach companies how to fill it themselves. I personally have over 15 years of administrative experience, 10 years of graphics and I've been in the Social Media world developing and marketing for the last 5 years.

My true joy lies in helping companies or non-profits that actually improve people's lives through healthy living, Christian principles, or education.

My 2012 Mission: Istarted my company as a single mother of atoddler and was told it couldn’t be done. I have persevered since 2006 and have a passion to help others.

The vision and mission I feel called to accomplish for 2012 is to work with single mothers who need job training and support. My ultimate goal is to have a facility to house single expecting moms, train them, give them entrepreneurial resources, Christian counseling, and parenting skills.

When working with Indy’s, you are supporting this mission, while getting top notch assistance!

Call or e-mail me today to see how my team can help!