Nico Miceli

Nico Miceli

Hi I'm Nico!

I like to know how things work, people think, and reasons behind the choices we make. I’m a passionate workaholic, quantified selfer, and internet marketer that specializes in organic search and web analytics. I love using the principles from guerilla & neuro marketing along with some cool technology to build interesting things for my clients and their promotional campaigns. In my rare free time I love to snowboard, do mud runs, build things, and continue to teach myself code.

I am a Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics

Yup, what the header said. Here is my GDE profile it was a long journey to get there but worth it.

I work at SEER Interactive
I work at SEER interactive as a SEO & Technical Analytics Consultant. I like working on and building out content strategies, doing competitive analysis and tracking the untrackable (especially stuff in the physical world). I like to crunch data in excel and R, track online behavior with JavaScript, and I am currently learning SQL & Python in order to dip my toe in the Big Data pool.

I like Snowboarding,Tough Mudder, and Biking.
Nothing makes me happier then sliding my snowboard down big mountains and off parts of it. Also, riding my bike on mountains and on roads for long distances is pretty sweet. I love reading non-fiction business books, watching podcasts, HBO shows (love The Newsroom), going to the movies and finding new burger joints and steak houses. I am a big advocate in open source hardware and software movement and love tinkering with Raspberry Pi's and Arduino's.

When I’m not working, biking, snowboarding or hanging out with friends I try to stay up on all current industry news, tech & gadgets, and take a class or two on Coursera or Udacity.