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A renowned writer and an entrepreneur I began working as an intern in order to get experience and insight into the market, I was also confronted with numerous challenges at the time and was frequently referred to as being too young and insane to have such lofty ambitions. I believe in the quality of work rather than the importance of sentiments and friendships in business, which makes me the best out of others and one of the Young Indian Female Entrepreneur. At the age where most of the student’s attitude towards life is erratic and unplanned, I was on the flip side with more determined and focused mindset to become an entrepreneur and Founder at the age of 20.

Helping brands to scale up their user base, grab the attention of investors, and hire the best talent using content marketing.

“Always focus on the positive sides of things. Don’t ever lose hope in difficult situations and try to find out how you can make the best of them. If you are taking a big step in your life, stop once and ponder on what will be the impact of it on your future self. "-Nida Fatima

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